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What People in denver Are Saying About Guided Fitness

Patricia on coach Alexis :
ALEXIS is The Bomb! She put together a tough 60 min. full body workout that really pushed me hard enough to feel a big difference and it was fun too. She is positive, knows her stuff on best form, coaches and guides. Thanks Alexis!
Dec 10, 2017
Laura on coach Jessica :
No matter how experienced you are in yoga, Jessica’s guidance has you covered.
Dec 6, 2017
Leilani on coach Jessica :
Jessica was professional but made the class fun.
Dec 6, 2017
Taryn on coach Tyler :
Tyler kicked my butt....that's what I was there for! :)
Dec 3, 2017
Patricia on coach Tyler :
I give FIVE 5 stars to Tyler Connolly for one's personal trainer. He's careful to listen with a focus attention on directing a 1 hr. session toward ways you can start to improve your general physical wellness and fitness by correct use of appropriate weights, equipment already available and other at home physical training tools/techniques. Tyler is focused also on the science of physical fitness that includes a good diet as well as dedication. Thanks Tyler!
Nov 29, 2017
Patricia on coach Jessica :
Jessica Rosa is a real yoga pro. She gives a well rounded and tough work out in 1 hour that makes me feel great! I look forward to my Tuesday evening Yoga with Jessica! Namaste.
Nov 27, 2017
Cleopatra on coach Tyler :
Patient and understanding.
Nov 26, 2017
Melanie on coach Jessica :
Awesome class to get back into Yoga again after so many years of not doing it. Jess is a great teacher & keeps the class fun and challenging for beginners. Just wish she was able to offer two classes a week because I love it that much. Thank you so much, I forgot how much I love Yoga.
Nov 23, 2017
Michelle on coach Jessica :
Jessica has the ability to teach in a fun, clear, and precise manner. I enjoyed her class and appreciate her willingness to accommodate our schedule.
Nov 21, 2017

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Personal trainers - Benefits of hiring one


A personal trainer can be better thought of as your fitness coach. They support you through the highs and lows of your fitness journey. Their ability to keep you accountable is the reason why why so many individuals reach their fitness goals with the help of certified personal trainers.


Fitness Trainers improve your time efficiency in the gym and take the stress out of exercising. They provide customized programs to get you to your goals as fast as possible. In addition, they provide you with the proper exercises, workouts and gym safety tips to prevent injury.


With the guidance of a qualified fitness trainer you can reach the heights that you may not have ever imagined. They keep you motivated and help you find your inner strength. They are the coaches that make you the best that you can be.

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Regardless of your fitness goals, developing the systems for a healthy lifestyle and having a long term plan are critical for success. Having a workout trainer, fitness coach, or personal trainer can be the solution you need to achieve your goals.

certified personal trainers
affordable personal training
The personal training industry has drastically improved over the past decade. Recent research suggested that 75% of personal training clients achieve significant results. Many reach a point where they establish the habits necessary for a healthy lifestyle and no longer need their trainers. You now can find very educated trainers of all personality types who specialize in many areas including Post-rehabilitation, Pre-/Post-natal, Crossfit, or sport specific training.

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