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Personal Trainer; 500+ RYT Hours Yoga Instructor.

Meet Hayley Marie Balabanova, a PNW native. Hayley displays a passion for integrated health: psychology, physiology and philosophy. She is charismatic and knows how to make a workout regimen FUN!

Hayley is a registered Master-level yoga instructor, personal trainer, Boxing & Barbells Trainer, fascia and foam-rolling coach, and holistic Ayurvedic lifestyle advocate!

Hayley's classes will leave you feeling encouraged, mindful, connected, and ready to face the ebbs and flows of life.

Hayley specializes in women’s health and is accepting new 1-on-1 PT clients, Small group PT clients, and 1-on-1 therapeutic-yoga clients. Reach out with questions or inquiries!

Review Rating: 5.0 of 5.0 18 customer reviews

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Hayley Balabanova is also a certified Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer



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