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My name is Alex and I am a trainer and nutritionist! I am passionate about movement inclusivity, autonomy and making health/fitness goals sustainable for goal driven individuals! My hobbies are anime, attending live music, soccer, and bodybuilding. I have experience with professional bodybuilders, collegiate soccer players, youth strength and conditioning, outpatient rehab etc. Finding an exercise/nutrition regime that I was able to enjoy but also adhere to was something incredibly difficult and anxiety inducing for me in the beginning of my fitness journey. My process as well as my past clients struggle with disordered eating patterns, hyper-specific nutrition regimes, yo-yo dieting, bodybuilding preps, mini-cuts etc etc helped me understand how valuable a coach/trainer can be towards finding a better quality of life. What you can expect from me in a class is someone with a loud voice, frequent pop culture trivia, and approachability.

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Alex Raubvogel is also a certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach

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