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My passion for health and fitness pushed me to quit my corporate job and start a fitness career where I can help others achieve their fitness goals and feel great in their own body. I have always been a health and fitness enthusiast, when I started kickboxing at the age of 18, I fell in love with the sport, got my black belt in 2014 and started teaching kickboxing since. Because I love flexibility and know the importance of the balance between strength and flexibility, I also got my 200 HR yoga teacher training in 2018 as well as my personal training credentials with NASM in 2021. I also completed an Applied Stretching Theory and Practice training through StretchLab in 2022, and I offer assisted 1-1 stretching sessions, which helps you live with less pain and injuries. I will continue to learn more about health and fitness, and gaining more experience, knowing I will be helping other people feel great and fabulous, reaching all their health and fitness goals.

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