About David:

Fitness/Yoga/Post-Injury/Prehab/Nutrition/Meditation/Breathwork/Martial Arts/Epigenetics services. Our expertise extends to optimizing biology (detox, longevity) and lifestyle design on top of fitness routines. As a former wrestler, a spinal injury shattered my athletic dreams, triggering depression and pain. This drove me to champion wellness. I empower clients to surmount barriers, actualize potential, and enhance well-being. I prioritize mental health, drawing from over a decade as a speaker/educator. My aim is elevating life quality and contentment via tailored exercise and wellness pursuits. With diverse training backgrounds, I'm committed to movement's transformative power. Whether online, at home, or outdoors, I personalize plans based on assessments. From total beginners to athletes or seniors, my proven solutions cater to all. Let's embark on your journey to vitality today!

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Combat Sports

Body Building/Sculpting

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Core Routine

Here is an example of core routines I give clients

Assisting with Bench Press

I am assisting a client with bench pressing.

Coaching Lunges

Here I am coaching a client in lunges with weights.

I teach Guided Breathwork and Meditation.

For sports and cognitive performance, I teach breathwork. I also teach meditation for recovery and stress management.

Guided Breathing Techniques and Meditation

I teach pranayama in combination with yoga and meditation. They all work together!

Instructing Client in an Exercise

I am instructing a client in nordic extensions and keeping them safe while performing it.