The Best Weight Loss & Fat Loss Exercises

The number one goal of most people at the gym is weight and/or fat loss. But what is the best way to maximize your time for optimal results? Here are some of the best exercises to boost your fat burn.

Goblet Squats – The goblet squat is essentially a front squat, but you are holding the weight in front of you, tight against your chest. This is a great full body exercise that will get your heart pumping and your legs burning. The reason why this is superior to a back squat is because by holding the weight in front of your body, your core is forced to work much harder to maintain your posture.

Kettlebell Swing – It doesn’t get much more awesome than the kettlebell swing. This exercises primarily works your posterior chain and helps to reverse some of the negative effects of sitting. Dr. Stuart McGill, a renowned back expert, found in a study that the kettlebell swing show a reversed polarity of posterior shear at L4 and L5 when compared to traditional posterior chain exercises. Form and breathing are absolutely crucial with this exercise, so you may want to consider meeting with a coach or trainer initially to ensure you learn proper form.

Bulgarian Split Squat – Also known as the Rear Elevated Split Squat, this exercise is great for individuals are hesitant about squatting due to any kind of back problem. Not only will this exercise elevate your heart rate and increase your lower body strength, but it can also improve your hip mobility. In the video below you will see it demonstrated with a barbell, but you can also hold a dumbbell or kettlebell either tight against your chest, in each arm at your side, or with no weight at all.

Renegade Row – This exercise is as challenging as it looks. The key is to brace your core and to minimize any hip movement. Be sure that when you row you are using your back to pull the weight up, and not just twisting your upper body. Not only will this exercise burn a ton of calories, but it will make your abs scream for mercy.

Burpees – Of course this list had to contain burpees! This exercise combines push-ups and squat jumps into one killer exercise. Due to its full-body nature, burpees will have your heart racing and lungs bursting in no time! Not only is this exercise great for fat burning, but also for overall strength and improving your anaerobic capacity. If you are unable to perform a push-up, simply skip that part of the movement.




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