Guided Fitness Provides Multifamily Fitness Services Multifamily

Guided Fitness brings fitness classes and social events to multi-family community fitness centers

Offer Fitness Classes to Your Multi-family community

Variety of fitness classes and class styles
Let Guided Fitness Help Your Apartment Organize Social Events

Cooking, Hiking, Yoga and Mimosas, and many more
Let Guided Fitness Trainers Help Your Apartment Community Become More Fit

Best coaches in your community fitness center

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Why Guided Fitness?

3 out of 4 residents who attend their apartment fitness classes say that they are more likely to renew their lease because of Guided Fitness services

Delight and retain existing residents by providing apartment fitness services

Retain Existing Residents

Residents love the convenience of fitness services right where they live! It saves them time and they get to know their neighbors.

Attract new residents by providing apartment fitness classes as a premium amenity

Attract New Residents

Gain a competitive edge by offering a premium amenity! Attract new residents with in-house fitness classes, social events, and personal trainers.
We provide a website for each community and residents can sign up with text messaging

Turn-Key Solution

Your community gets an exclusive website and they can sign up for clases with text messages!

We will share personal training and paid class revenue with you

Revenue Sharing

We will share revenue with you. Contact us to find out how our revenue sharing program works!

How It Works

"Guided Fitness is a Turn Key solution that makes it super easy to incorporate fitness services in our communites."
- Vikki Sherman, Sr. Director of Marketing, Fairfield Properties

1. Select a plan


1 class / week


2 classes / week


3 classes / week


4 classes / week

Specific price depends on volume of purchase. Contact us to discuss pricing.

2. We make it happen

We provide a website for each community and residents can sign up with text messaging
1. Create website
Schedule Training
2. Set up schedule
Hire Coaches
3. Hire coaches

Hire Coaches
4. Manage classes

3. Partner with us for success

Promote Guided Fitness
1. Promote the classes and events
Promote Guided Fitness
2. Watch & respond to resident feedback

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Safety and Quality

We have a rigorous process in place to ensure safety and the quality of our services

Guided Fitness is certified through both Compliance Depot and RMIS
Guided Fitness is certified through both Compliance Depot and RMIS.
All fitness coaches are background checked
All Coaches undergo a criminal background check & rigorous interview process.

All coaches are required to have liability insurance and be certified through nationally recognized authorities.

Residents Love Guided Fitness

In a total of 292 resident reviews, Guided Fitness trainers and classes averaged 4.9 out of 5 stars


Check out a Guided Fitness reviews at The Lex At Lowry
82% residents who took Guided Fitness fitness classes or social events are more likely to renew their leases


Check out the live Guided Fitness resident survey results

Patricia @ The Lex At Lowry:

A great way to make life better at Lex for sure is Guided Fitness.

The fitness trainings offered lately has made this typically stressful time instead wonderful due to your great team of fun professionals. And of course yoga helps for spiritual awakening.

Ashok pal singh @ Kinects Tower:

Good motivation to keep up with my health and workout schedule. This gives a really nice start to my weekend.

Chris is a great personal trainer! I attend this class last Saturday and he really made me feel comfortable!!

Recent Residents Reviews on Guided Fitness Apartment Fitness Services

My first yoga experience, but engaging and stimulating.
Mar 14, 2018
OMG..... Chris your dynamic! I truly look forward to this class!!! D
Mar 13, 2018
Preeti customized the class to provide exactly what I needed the most.
Mar 10, 2018
Ashok pal singh @ Kinects Tower on Lean & Strong :
Enjoy working out with a small group of folks.
Mar 3, 2018
Very fun class, good pacing and a great workout! Please bring the class to the Lodge on a recurring basis!
Mar 1, 2018
Shweta @ Kinects Tower on Wine & Yoga :
Great Experience! The logistics were managed perfectly. Made it easy, breezy.
Feb 25, 2018
It was challenging, fast paced, and everything I was hoping for. Thabks for a great Sunday morning.
Feb 19, 2018
Susanna quickened the pace in this terrific 1 hr session to provide me personal hands-on body positioning point guidance, all extremely helpful for improvement. Thank you Susanna! I
Mar 7, 2018
Tabatha @ The Lex At Lowry on coach Chris :
Chris really pushed us on the Saturday class. I liked how he challenged us and incorporated variety by utilizing the spin room to going outdoors— which was great because it was beautiful outside.
Mar 7, 2018