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Sat, Jul 20, 9AM - 10AM EDT


1 hour

In-Person: Slow Vinyasa Flow

@ Fitness & Yoga Studio - 2nd Floor

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Sat, Jul 20, 10AM - 11AM EDT


1 hour

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Recent Resident Reviews

The 30 minute yin class left me stretched out and relaxed. Perfect for a weekday evening. thanks!
Jul 12, 2024
No additional comment at this time.
Jun 23, 2024
Letizia on In-Person: 45min Barre :
This is my favorite class
Apr 19, 2024
What a lovely class! I really appreciate the longer holds and the patient explanation. I feel so relaxed by the end.
Mar 29, 2024
Always a great class!
Mar 2, 2024
Great class. Easy to follow along with clear instructions. Super fun and definitely got a great workout in! Will definitely be back
Jan 27, 2024
This class is exactly what I need at the end of the week. It’s a great mix of relaxing stretches with some moves that require effort scattered nicely throughout.
Dec 31, 2023
We want Selena Taylor-mayo back also coaching this same class on Thursdays PLEASE!!!
Dec 19, 2023

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