Guided Fitness Brings Business to your gym

Host training sessions at a fair price and let potential customers try out your gym or fitness center.

How It Works For Gyms

Gyms sign up with Guided Fitness and create their profiles with videos and images of the gym. Gyms manage their open locations and schedules through their Guided Fitness profile. All of the financial aspect of the transaction is handled by Guided Fitness. Gyms get paid weekly with the income directly wired to their bank accounts.

When a customer wants to pick the gym as the training location, the Gym email account will receive a calendar invite with details of the training sessions including which trainer and which client is coming.

Become a gym for Guided Fitness clients

Why Not?

We bring new customers in. You get income from the hourly rent. If the customers like your gym, they may stay longer term at your gym and become a member.

We have the tools that make your life easier. You can manage your calendar and set maximum capacity on our site. You can view all of the training sessions that you hosted through Guided Fitness and your financial break down.

Host group classes

Host group sessions

Guided Fitness trainers can create group sessions leveraging your gym. Your income increases as the number of people increases. You can select the maximum number of group sessions you want to host from Guided Fitness