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I would 100% do that again. Staci made sure there was enough cardio and strength training included to assure I was a bit sore the next day. The workout was easy to follow along with, but still very effective. That’s exactly what I was hoping for! It was also great to have an opportunity to meet some neighbors that I otherwise probably wouldn’t run into.
Jul 17, 2022
I enjoyed the pace of the workout and the full-body nature of it. Each exercise had an easy & hard option too, and covered everything from stability, power, cardio, and mobility.
Jul 16, 2022
Debra on coach Staci :
Staci is very personable and was easy to chat with right from the start. She was great at explaining the exercises and assuring we were on track. She also had an excellent playlist to listen to during the workout! She went above and beyond for the mimosas and snacks after the workout, too. Thank You!
Jul 17, 2022
Anonymous on coach Staci :
Staci has infectious enthusiasm and can expertly lead a workout. She chooses the right words to transition to the next exercise seamlessly and to motivate you at the right moments. She also pay keen attention to make sure your form is correct. The post-workout mimosas and food were an absolute treat too. I 100% look forward to future events with Staci.
Jul 16, 2022

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