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Susan Rosenberg

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Just started with Susan and super excited to work with her. She listened well and was very understanding of my needs and goals. Already my first workout plan feels like it’ll get me further in a few weeks than the last 3 months of PT.
Mar 8, 2018
Susan and I have been working together at least once a week for more than 9 months. From the very beginning she paid close attention to exercises, methods, and routines I best respond to. As a result, I have workouts I feel motivated to do even on the days of the week when I don't see her. These are whole-body workouts and they feel like something I can carry with me through the rest of mid-life and beyond. The end result? At 47-years-old I'm down to my college weight and, according to my husband I have "guns" where my puny upper arms used to be. I feel stronger than ever, more confident, and I'm pretty sure I have our workouts to thank for the fewer migraines I've experienced these last several months. So it's with surprise and delight that I say - Let's keep going, Susan!!!
Sep 21, 2017
It has been about four years since I spent regular time in a gym and now I'm facing aches and pains I've never experienced before. As I approach a certain age, it was sheer panic that lead me to a doctor and then physical therapy and personal training - I used to be athletic, how did this happen? I feel so fortunate to have been connected with Susan Rosenberg for personal training! She is knowledgable and committed to creating a plan that will work for me. She is careful to determine which movements cause pain as we begin this work. Susan works hand in glove with my PT for an integrated exercise program and she also does an amazing job of addressing the non-gym stuff like meal planning, goal-setting, and identifying barriers to success. Love working with Susan!
Aug 8, 2017
Susan is fantastic trainer because she: - Tailors each sessions to my needs that day - Varies work outs - Explains exercises well and why I should do them - Provides holistic support (nutrition, mental etc) - Provides support in between sessions (reminders, reading materials, you tube videos!) Susan is smart and academic in her approach to training. I feel like I am in very good hands.
Mar 2, 2017
Susan has a great way of communicating what she wants me to do and why. Right now, I'm in sponge-mode, just soaking everything in, and that could potentially be overwhelming. Susan walked me through each step and paid attention to areas we had previously discussed to make sure I didn't injure those places again. At the end of our session--and for the rest of the day--I felt invigorated! I'm eager to keep learning.
Jan 4, 2017
Excellent first session. Felt tailor made for my needs.
Oct 28, 2016