About Stacey Lei:

I'm Stacey Lei Krauss (SLK), a fitness and yoga professional. I'm a movement teacher and fitness educator who coaches empowerment with smart exercise and meditative practices. My philosophy is "train smarter, not harder"; I believe that exercise doesn't have to hurt to work; my class formats are typically strong barefoot fusions of fitness and yoga.
I've been fitness business for about 25 years, and have travelled the globe educating instructors and leading group exercise classes of all disciplines. I earned my 500hr Yoga Certification in India, and am a certified Exercise Physiologist through ACSM. I'm the founder and creator of an exercise program called The willPower Method, and have also represented Schwinn, Nike and Peak Pilates as an international Master Trainer and conference presenter.
My favorite hobbies are writing, trail running and hiking with my furry little sidekick, Foxy Brown.

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Stacey lei Krauss is also a certified Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer


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500 RYT

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