About Sequoia:

My goal as a personal trainer is to help all of my clients feel as comfortable as they can in their bodies. Each and every day our bodies do so much for us, returning the favor and staying (or getting!) healthy is the least we can do.

My background and passion for fitness comes from a lifelong love of yoga, which emphasizes the union of mind and body and allows people of all levels and walks of life to experience the benefits of physical activity and a regular movement practice. I’ve been a yoga instructor since 2019 and a gym rat since 2020.

I am currently finishing up my Master’s degree in integrative medicine and hope to work in holistic wellness upon graduation. To me, this looks like taking the best of fitness culture, yoga, and integrative medicine to improve the lives of everyone I can possibly reach. My passion lies in teaching others (and myself) how to take care of themselves and live a more joyful life.

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