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With my BA degree in Psychology from USC, I am skilled in understanding your diverse needs and encouraging you diligently adhere to an exercise program designed for your specific goals. Each exercise session I plan will be FUN for you as we focus on the process involved with reaching your fitness goals while never losing sight of the end result. Some areas of focus will include: disease prevention, preservation of bone mass, improved mood, reduced anxiety, sleep hygiene, increased energy, and overall enhanced feeling of wellbeing. Achieving impressive weight lifting numbers, or "PR's" does not need to be your fitness goal. Your goal(s) can be to simply stay active, overcome physical challenges, and/or enjoy each workout. You will become a far better human after working with me because you will be healthier physically and mentally. To learn more about my background, communication skills, and wellness philosophy, I invite you to visit my blog at www.robinluthi.com!

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Weight Loss

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Squak Mountain Hike (May 2016)

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Mount Rainier, Paradise Visitor Center (September 2016)

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Go Seahawks! (September 2016)

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