About Ragini:

I am a graduate of the Center for Yoga of Seattle (Certified Iyengar Institute) with 200 Hour level certification.
I carry an experience of 10 years of rigorous practice and study of alignment yoga system with senior Iyengar teachers back in India and Seattle. My mission is to share this incredible art of yoga with students in search of healing, transformation, and discovery. Yoga has transformed me and has helped me to stay in the present and dwell in the other two tenses. If I can let my students experience even some of it, I would be very lucky.
My classes flow at a very easy level and there will be a combination of essentially sun salutations and steady poses. Each class will focus on specific, basic postures which will be incorporated with breath awareness, stretching, and relaxation. The practices are intended to encourage inner awareness, relaxation, and the basic knowledge of yoga asanas (postures) so that students may cultivate their own personal practice.

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Ragini's pictures and videos

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Downward Facing Dog

Learning and practicing basics always make the foundation STRONG!

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Inverted Wheel

Opening the heart!!

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Supta Padangushtasana

Working on the opening of the groins.

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