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I'm an ultra-marathoner, avid golfer, and love exploring the beautiful pacific northwest. I graduated from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science. Through my studies and experiences at medical offices, I came to a realization that many of the complications and issues many patients encountered could have easily been prevented through consistent exercise and diet management. My mission is to provide a positive impact to everyone I meet in support of a happy and healthy lifestyle. I have always been very passionate about the health and well being of others from a holistic perspective. Weight loss is a process I have a personal connection with having lost 50 pounds on my own in 2008 by transforming my lifestyle. One of the bi-products of my weight loss journey is my love for running. I have ran in multiple marathons and ultra-marathons, and have coached many others to multiple long distance milestone achievements.

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Nick's pictures and videos

Trail Grinder Training Vlog

Follow my trail running journey, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I post my experiences, race reports, and training videos. Find videos on the Trail Grinder Youtube Channel --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz--w0Xx6pv6VHfTe-O456Q

Trail Grinder Adventure

Quick video recap of my adventure on section K of the Pacific Crest Trail. During my adventure I stopped by Lake Valhalla and Mt. McCausland.

Race Report - 2019 Badger Mountain 100 Mile

My race report covering the course, race experience, and recommendations for future runners.

Pre-Bed Recovery Routine - Trail Grinder Training Tips

Highlighting my go-to pre-bed recovery routine. Helps me stay mobile and healthy during a long running season

2019 Wallace Falls 50k - Race Preview

Quick highlight of the Wallace Falls race course, current trail conditions, my race goals, and race strategy.

Trail Grinder Season 3 Ep 2

Quick highlight of my 2019 running goals and race schedule.

Trail Grinder Training Tips: Pre-Run Routine

Highlighting my go-to warm-up routine before my runs and workouts. Helps me stay mobile and healthy during a long running season.

Trail Grinder Season 3 Ep1

Trail running Do's & Don'ts from my 2018 season. A quick recap of my 2018 trail running season.

Trail Grinder Season 2 Ep 2

Overview of my trail running adventure following Kachess Ridge Trail up to Thorpe mountain near Easton, WA in the central cascades.

Trail Grinder Season 2 Ep 1

My 2018 running goals and current updates reaching those goals.

Trail Grinder Season 1 Ep. 3

Race Report: Report of 2017 Badger Mountain Challenge 100 miler. What it feels like to complete a 100 mile race.

Trail Grinder Season 1 Ep. 2

Topics: Denver Trip Recap, Peak Training Weeks, Altitude Training

Trail Grinder Tips

Meditation for Beginners

Trail Grinder: Trail Review #1

Trail Review: Green Mountain in Boulder, Colorado.

Trail Grinder Season 1 Ep. 1

Topics: New Years goals, why I run, training tips.

Weekly Challenge: Starting Weight Loss Circuit #1

Exercise of the Week: Turkish Get-Up

Learn how to perform great "bang for your buck" exercises (like the Turkish Get-Up) that you can perform in the gym, outdoors, or at home.

Exercise of the Week: Wall Sit

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