About Eliza:

Eliza is passionate about facilitating the mind-body-spirit connection and coaching clients to achieve their wellness goals. She has been a dedicated yoga student for over 10 years and became a certified instructor shortly after graduating with a bachelors in Psychology and Health Studies in 2017. She has led hundreds of classes in corporate, gym and yoga studio settings. She teaches a variety of styles including Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin. Her yoga classes offer a safe space for students to connect with themselves, build resilience and find relaxation.

Eliza creates a similar safe, judgement-free space for her wellness coaching clients as well. She coaches with empathy, compassion, humor and accountability. Eliza uses science based techniques and mindfulness in setting personalized goals that bring her clients closer to the best versions of themselves.

In her free time she enjoys hiking, tennis, exploring Texas, cooking Thai food and playing with her cat, Roo.

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Eliza's Professional Certifications

Eliza Harris is also a certified Yoga Instructor and Health Coach





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Short Guided Meditation

Join me in a guided meditation that offers simple breathing techniques and a body scan.

10 Minute Yoga Flow

Join me in a 10 minute yoga flow that will build strength and bring relaxation to your mind and body.

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