About Christopher:

My name is Chris Gamble. When it comes to overall health and wellness I find no greater joy. My goal when training is to help you achieve a better you. That means if doing one push-up is a challenge then I'll train you to overcome that. If not knowing what to do when you step foot into the gym let me show you. If finding the time to workout throughout the week is difficult then let me guide you. I believe that fitness can be achieved by anyone, everyone and at anytime. To get anywhere you've got to start somewhere.

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"July 2017 -I did my 5k walk. After a health crisis, I thought those days were ove... " more

"This was my first time at Bootcamp ever! Chris was very attentive and professiona... " more

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Specialties Certificates
Weight Loss
Athletic Performance

Training Locations

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Kinects Tower
Seattle, WA
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Sparc Apartments
Bellevue, WA
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bFit Bellevue
Bellevue, WA
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The Reserve Apartments
Renton, WA
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Serious About Fitness
Redmond, WA
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Fountain Court
Seattle, WA
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Outdoors or At Home
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Sanctuary Apartments
Renton, WA

Christopher training pictures and videos

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Old Glory Relay Starbucks Center

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Old Glory Relay last mile

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