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Hello my name is Aarika! I am a 500 hour certified yoga teacher. Once upon a time I was a bakery manager living a fast paced, high stress life! I noticed the toll it began to take on my body. Yin yoga was one of the only things that took the stress away, that and reading Harry Potter. I decided to step down and leave the bakery to pursue teaching yoga full time. I have been able to focus on my health and also become someone that can provide the space for others who want to heal, connect, or go deeper into their own being.
I specialize in Yin Yoga. I also enjoy teaching a Basics, Vinyasa, Hatha, or Power yoga classes! I try to stay true and connected to yoga philosophies and ethics.
I want people to know and experience how accessable yoga can be, everyone can do yoga! I want students to walk away feeling like they got something out of the practice and to connect to themselves.

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