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What Fitness Pros Say About Us

Feedback from personal trainer Julius Pre


"I think that Guided Fitness is so far the only company in the fitness industry that is both client-centered and trainer-centered in the way it runs its business. The way it "flipped" the model fits well to my belief that the journey towards a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be expensive. Evidenced by how fast it is growing as a network of trainers, coaches, and gyms; Guided Fitness will surely continue to revolutionize the industry."

Read feedback from yoga instructor Millie Heye


"I have had a wonderful experience working as a yoga instructor with Guided Fitness. I feel very supported by the leadership staff and have been given opportunities to grow in my teaching and training experience. The website is easy to use for both trainers and clients alike and makes scheduling and communicating a breeze! I would highly recommend Guided Fitness to any of my fellow yoga instructors looking for ways to teach in both group and/or one-on-one sessions."

Read feedback from personal trainer Janelle Yu


“My experience with Guided Fitness has been extremely positive. I had the privilege of training my very first client through Guided Fitness and with the streamlined, interactive process GF provides, my experience continues to be positive not just for myself, but for the clients as well. The trainers on the site is well informed, we receive helpful, frequent feedbacks and assistance! Great company for trainers and clients.”

Read feedback from yoga instructor Taylor Truett


"Guided Fitness continuously raises the bar for health and fitness in the community. I'm thoroughly impressed with the company's mission and the value they offer to clients. I don't know of any other company in the industry so focused on both the clients and the trainers. Keep up the good work!"

Read feedback from personal trainer Ricky Chavez


“I see guided fitness as the leading software for trainers and gyms alike to connect with clients. Not only does it take care of payment but it allows me to connect more deeply with my clients.”

How it works for Trainers

Free to join Guided Fitness and market yourself. No Monthly Fees.

Join our apartments team and get paid teaching classes in apartment building fitness centers

Trainers collect 85% of your price on every training session and get paid weekly

You can train at any of our gyms with no gym rent.

Trainer Tools handle scheduling, billing, messaging and client biometrics for you.

We notify you through Text and Email for new clients or training sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guided Fitness?

Guided Fitness lowers the barrier to becoming a successful independent trainer. We provide an end to end solution for trainers to start, manage, and grow their training business, including providing numerous gym locations for them to train at with no gym rent. Not only do we support your business but we provide content & features to better educate yourself on marketing, improving client retention, and ultimately a better coach.

How do I get started?

Start creating your profile by signing in via your Facebook or by email on the "Create Coach Profile" page.

Is Guided Fitness a gym?

No. We are even better. We partner with gyms to create an extensive network that you and your clients can utilize.

How does Guided Fitness benefit me?

We provide a long list of benefits for trainers. Guided Fitness is the only completely trainer focused online business tool.

1. No Gym Rent: Save yourself thousands of dollars paying a facility for space, on average $9600 a year. Have the freedom to utilize multiple facilities. Your clients pay a per use gym rent.

2. Marketing Tools: Guided Fitness will market you as a vetted professional in your region. In addition we provide you the tools and resources to improve how you market and make a sustainable improvements to your business.

3. Business Management: Guided Fitness provides the platform for you to manage your scheduling, billing, and client management.

Am I employed by Guided Fitness?

Nope. You are your own business. Guided Fitness supports you in your growth to being the go-to fitness expert. Your relationship with your clients is what makes your business successful. Guided Fitness eases the business demands and helps support your relationships with your clients.

How much does it cost?

It is free to join! “Your success is our success.”

Guided Fitness charges a commission for each training session you perform.

Do I need to be a certified personal trainer?

Yes. To be part of Guided Fitness you need to provide proof of being a certified personal trainer through a nationally recognized organization. To ensure quality of service and safety for our users, Guided Fitness requires that you provide a resume, proof of personal training certification. Trainers approved for the Guided Fitness community will have a background check performed for the safety of our users.

Can I still train through my current gym even if the gym is not on Guided Fitness?

Yes. Once you have created a profile you will go to the “Gyms” tab. Select “Trainers Own Gym”. You will create a gym profile that only appears under your name on the site. Select the gym rent your client will pay per training session. Once you have created the gym profile select publish.

Can I train out of all or some of the gyms on Guided Fitness?

Yes. Under the “Gyms” tab you will have the ability to select which gyms you train through.

Can I control what hours I am available at different gyms?

Yes! Under the “Schedule” tab you can select which times you are available or unavailable, as well as schedule training sessions. In addition, you can select specific hours you are available at a specific gym.

How do I get my clients started?

Select the “Invite Clients” option under your Clients Tab. Enter their name and email. Your client will receive a link to set-up a profile and schedule their first session with you.

I am a new trainer, how can I start to market my trainer profile?

After you create your profile, post a link to your training profile on your facebook and twitter profiles. Take advantage of your followers. Your friends and family are the ones most likely to refer your services and will be your biggest advocates.

Can I perform online coaching through Guided Fitness?

Yes and No. We currently do not support services (such as skyping, online training program design). However, you can handle billing for online coaching through Guided Fitness.

Didn’t find the answers you were looking for? Please send us your questions at

We are excited to have you as part of the Guided Fitness coach community. We look forward to supporting and helping you grow your training business to its full potential!