About Igor:

Hello everyone! Igor Pisarev here, strength coach and fitness professional here to provide effiecient workouts that get to the point and prioritize training like an athlete. I've been training for going on now 7 years. One of the greatest and most exciting aspects about fitness is that there are so many different avenues one could go on about to achieve a certain goal- goals can vary too. And the thing that excites me the most is getting the chance to meet so many individuals and help them achieve their goals, one step at a time. So why not come along and take this first step with me in your very own fitness journey where you'll be challenged on a sessionly basis. We'll hit marks we never thought we would have and most importantly we'll have fun doing it, that's my 100% gauruntee.

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Weight Loss
Athletic Performance

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Evolv Fitness of Seattle

Seattle, WA
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bFit Bellevue

Bellevue, WA
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MCW Health and Fitness

Seattle, WA