Summer Fitness Assessment

Your Mid-Year Fitness Assessment

Today is July 1st.  Officially half way through the year.  The perfect time to take a few minutes and review your efforts since the start of the new year.

Have you met your goal(s) for this year?
What went well? What were the challenges you faced?
How can you start to addressing these challenges now?

Below are a few tips for having a strong second half of the year based on your first half results.

Did not meet my goals, No progress:
New professional opportunities, time for family, and in general life can get in the way.  Before you know it it is half way through the year.   The most important thing you can do is start taking action.  Something is always better than nothing.

-Start drinking more water:  Carry a water bottle with you.  (Phone, Wallet, keys, water bottle)
-Maybe adding in 5 days of workouts didn’t happen.  Start with one this week.  Then two next week.  After two weeks of this add a third day.
-Set 10 minutes aside after dinner to walk with family.   Catch up with family, get in some activity, and improve digestion.

Did not meet my goals.  Made some progress:
Okay so maybe we had some great weeks.  Diet was on track. Completed your workouts.  But … also had some rough weeks.  Maybe few Friday evenings “off plan.”  The most important thing to focus on is rewarding consistency.

-Set aside at least 1 day a week to meal plan and prep; Sundays are great.  Cook meals and prep snacks.  This will save you time during the week and provide stability in your diet decisions.  This will help solve time and convenience problems.
-Schedule workouts like meetings in your calendar.  Only you can take care of your body and keep it healthy so provide some self-health time daily.
-Even better, schedule workouts with friends, family, your trainer.  You are more likely to stay consistent when someone is there waiting for you.

Meet my goals.  Made great progress:
Awesome job.  You have completed a feat few accomplish by this point in the year.  Pat yourself on the back and line up the next goal.

-Need a new goal?  Think about where you can continue to improve.
Create SMART goals.

Most of all have fun.  If you are not having fun it is definitely time to make adjustments.


Nick Tyree
Co-Founder & President
Guided Fitness
Certified Personal Trainer
Expert Weight Loss & Running Coach

***Nick is a Co-Founder of Guided Fitness and is a Fitness Coach specializing in long distance running, lifestyle management, and weight loss.  Learn more about Nick by clicking here.***


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