Benefits of Working Out with a Loved One

Valentine’s Day is the specific time of year were most set aside time to spend with their significant others.  For many, this holiday ignites relationship flames.  Below I have highlighted a few benefits of working out with a loved one and how to ignite your fitness flames.

Strengthen Yourself & Your Relationship:  Strength training with your loved one has actually been found to strengthen relationship bonds. The positive stress of lifting weights results in the release of hormones that lead to building strong bonds with those engaging you.

Accountability Teammate:  Staying accountable is a big problem for many.  Scheduling a time to meet at the gym will provide incentive to not skip out on the workout and give you the opportunity to enjoy the company of your loved one while participating in activities that benefit you both.

Gym Chemistry:  Vigorous exercise has been found to increase libido.  The rush of “feel-good” hormones post-workout, increased activity, and improvement in body composition, can lead to a greater desire to “workout” at home.  Maybe that Strength Training Class or Crossfit class is not so bad after all.

Opposites Attract:  It is not uncommon that one partner is stronger or enjoys different forms of exercise from their counter-part.  This is a great opportunity for each partner to teach their strength or passion.  This can lead to better understanding, communication, and opportunity for each partner to experience different aspects of exercise.  Great example… my wife despises running, yet I run ultra-marathons (races up to 100miles long).  To accommodate, she will join me on short runs occasionally and I will join her in the pool swimming (note: I am a poor swimmer).

Have fun, be healthy, and enjoy time with those you love.


Nick Tyree
Co-Founder & President
Guided Fitness

***Nick is the master fitness coach specializing in long distance running and extreme weight loss.  Learn more about Nick by clicking here.***


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