Armed Warfare: The Ultimate Arm Workout

Developing strong, big, toned arms is desired by many.  It takes hard work and consistency.  You might as well learn and train like the best.  Comfort Zone crusher and Trainer, CT Fletcher, outlines his ultimate arm workout, “Armed Warfare”, with  This workout will challenge your limits.

Note:  This workout is not for the faint of heart.

Armed Warfare:

“Warm-Up”:  Random Selection Drill
#1: Triceps Cable Pulldown (10 sets x 10 reps x variable weight)

#2: Biceps Cable Curl (10 sets x 10 reps x variable weight)

THE Workout:

#3: Dumbbell Single Arm Preachers Curls (2 Sets x Reps to Failure)

#4: French Curls (4 Sets x Reps to Failure)

#5: T-Curl (2 Sets x Reps to Failure)

#6: Two-Position Dumbbell Kick-Back (2 sets x 40 reps per arm; 20 per position)

#7: 3-Position Reverse-Grip Pull-Up (1 set x 30 reps; 10 each position)
(Wide, medium, and close grips)

#8: Underbar Tricep Extension (2 sets x reps to failure)

#9: Gauntlet for Triceps (1 Pyramid Set for 200 reps; 20 reps per weight set)
(5 Sets of Dumbbells, set from heaviest to lightest, start with the heaviest)
Start by laying on the floor with weights overhead touching the floor.  Extend the weights above your head then lower back to the ground.

Below is the video of CT himself going through this insanity.
*Warning:  Explicit language and not for the faint of heart*


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